Pocket Locations – Somme & Flanders Edition

An iPhone app that details the important locations of The First Word War or Great War which was the bloodiest conflict in history.

Much of the action took place on the Western Front where people wanting to learn more of what happened during WW1 visit each year.

If you are planning to visit the region and particularly the Somme in France or Flanders in Belgium then this is the essential iPhone app for you.

The Battle of the Somme stirs up many different emotions when people decide to visit and war walk the famous battlefields and cemeteries in the area. A visit to the Flanders region and the Menin Gate in Ypres is one of the most emotionally draining things to see on any tour.

Offering a historical guide to the Somme and Flanders area the app will act as your own personal Battlefield tour guide to over 100 locations of the most important and popular places to visit. The app details the causes and build up to the War and details the specific actions of the British and Commonwealth Countries that fought there.

The app is not just for helping with your own individual war walk. The military history included can be used at home to improve your First World War knowledge, help with WW1 history lessons or to simply gain a better understanding of what truly happened here during those terrible 4 years.

The app covers most of the major World War 1 Western Front sites Northern sectors above Verdun. It also gives information on museums, detailed information on the major battles, beautiful Cemeteries and thought provoking Memorials.

The Battles that took place during World War 1 were bloody and hard for the soldiers involved. Millions of people who entered the war full of hope and optimism never returned home to loved ones.

All of the over 100 locations have been categorised into 6 groups and each pin is a different colour depending which category it falls into. Categories included are Museums, Battlefields, Historical Interest, Memorials, Cemeteries and intact trench systems locations which will all help to give a clearer view as you plan your trip.

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– Designed to be used online or offline so no expensive roaming charges
– Zoom to specific site locations
– Your current position highlighted
– Each location colour coded and shown in easy to navigate lists as well as on the map
– Incredibly easy to navigate around the app
– GPS positions included of the individual site’s
– Navigate to the site using Google maps

Please note that using Google maps can incur data charges when in use.