About Pocket Locations

Pocket Locations has been created by a group of history and battlefield enthusiasts.

Having always been interested in military history, our common interest led to regular visits to Europe’s many battlefields, fortresses, museums, concentration camps and other places of historical interest.  We regularly attended ceremonies, anniversary events and even burials of those once missing, now found.

Our trips have been educational and thought provoking and are often tinged with sadness.  Of course they are also very enjoyable and on the way we have made some great friends and had many laughs.  We have met many brave servicemen who never cease to amaze us with their modest dignity.  And, of course, we must never forget their fallen brothers in arms who we have always honoured and remembered on all our historical tours.

Pocket Locations has also arranged trips for others who’s relatives fought and often died in foreign fields. We have been increasingly asked to create simple itineraries for people travelling to Europe who are seeking to learn history from where it happened.  Often these are families searching for where dad, granddad or great granddad fought.

With our acquired knowledge and experience, we are able to design historical travel apps specifically for those seeking to visit the World War 1 and World War 2 battlefields of Europe.

We at Pocket Locations hope that our apps will help you learn more about historical events and become the perfect pocket travel companion for your historical tour.