Editors Comment in the Yorkshire Post

War Sacrifice

Hi-tech aid will honour the fallen

The recent deaths of the last combatants of the First World War mean that terrible conflict is no longer within living memory. The true scale of its horrors can of course only have been experienced by those who were there. Yet the lessons of what happened in the trenches as millions were slaughtered must never be forgotten by today’s or future generations.

Yorkshire entrepreneur Lydia Phillip certainly had that in mind when she took her two children to retrace the footsteps of her great uncle who was killed on the Somme in 1916. Now she is bringing that experience to a wider audience around the world by harnessing the latest advances in technology.

Her clever innovation gives people their own personal tour around the battlefields in northern France through a guide of the main points of interest. Reviews of the application have been outstanding and other developments are planned.
First-hand accounts may no longer be available but remembrance of those outstanding servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country will always remain.

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